Teeth Whitening / bleaching

Please follow these instructions for the best whitening results.

  • We recommend you find a two to three hour period during the day that you will not be eating or drinking anything. The solution works at its maximum for the first two to three hours. You may also do 2 treatments per day if you are not experiencing sensitivity.
  • Do the bleaching while you are awake. We find that patients who sleep with the trays experience more sensitivity.
  • For best results, brush and floss your teeth prior to each application.
  • Dispense a small amount of solution onto the front surface of each tooth indentation of your bleaching trays. Place the trays over your teeth and gently press the front surface to spread the solution evenly up to the gum-line. This will insure the consistent whitening of your teeth. If you notice the solution oozing over the edge of the tray, wipe away the excess with a Q-tip and try using a bit less on the next application.
  • You may experience some sensitivity during the whitening process. This is not unusual and does not indicate the solution is damaging your teeth. If this occurs please contact our office for instructions specific to your sensitivity. The sensitivity will subside once treatment is complete.
  • At then end of your bleaching, store the trays in the case we give you and save them for future touch-ups. Keep your extra whitening gel syringes in the refrigerator for longer shelf life. The solution can be used for up to 18 months if refrigerated.

To keep your smile bright, you may want to touch up every year to year and a half. Usually it only takes one or two applications to restore the teeth to the desired shade.