Temporary Crowns And Bridges

  • Good home care is essential for the health of the gum tissue and tooth structure that will be supporting your new crown or bridge. Please follow these instructions to maintain the best possible environment for your temporary.
  • Brush twice daily removing plaque or food particles away from gum tissue and temporaries. A gentle massaging motion is best, never scrub.

  • Floss at least once a day. For single crowns, work the floss down between the teeth and gently pull the floss, removing any build-up between the tissue and the temporary. Be careful that you do not pull the floss back up as it may catch on the temporary and pull it off. To maintain multiple temporaries that are splinted together, use the inter-proximal brush or a yarn super floss your doctor has provided.

  • Please avoid sticky, excessively chewy or hard foods such as candies, caramels, bagels, and chewing gum. Your temporaries are plastic and can break if not properly maintained.

  • Should your temporary crown or bridge come off you may clean it, apply toothpaste inside and insert it over your tooth and push it down. Never use super glue. Please call the office to inform our staff should this occur to arrange a time to have it re-cemented. It is important that you do not leave the temporary off for a long period of time as you may compromise the fit of your new crown and the health of the tooth underneath.

  • If you are a patient that has a splint, please bring in the splint the day we seat the crowns. This will enable us to do any adjustments to the splint to better fit the new crowns.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at Colorado Springs Office Phone Number 719-593-0005.